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Standard Bespoke


A made-to-order variation of our MBB200(Panel) Dispenser
in WHITE, fitted with 2 CORE ROLLERS of 24mm dia.
For roll sizes of 85mm diameter
Use:- Table or wall.
Boxed Weight:- 0.85Kg



Made-to-order variations in BLUE of our frame dispenser

The LARGER - 250mm wide for rolls of 190mm dia.
Fitted with 4 dividers under a 24mm dia. CORE ROLLER
Use: Table or wall.

The SMALLER - 120mm wide for rolls of 110mm dia.
Fitted with a 40mm dia. CORE ROLLER.
Use: Table or wall.



Two larger variations of our basic LR Frame Dispenser

The LARGER - 150mm wide in GREEN for rolls of 150mm dia.
The SMALLER - 80mm wide in GREY for rolls of 150mm dia.

Both fitted with 24mm dia. CORE ROLLERS
Use: Table only



A made-to-order variation in SILVER for wall fitting only
Made in 2 widths, 65 & 80mm
For rolls of 165mm dia.
Fitted with 24mm dia. CORE ROLLERS


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